Tactical concealment mamba

O'Neill Ops in conjunction with Tactical Concealment, bring you an in depth review of the Ghillie Skins, Mamba Suit. It is a Tactical Concealment Mamba ghilliesuit base in ATACS AU camouflage. AU stands for arid/urban. The suit includes the pants, top and Cobra Hood. Tactical Concealment's Mamba suit is designed for military and concealment enforcement operators who require full body visual camouflage concealment. Tactical Concealment. Unlike its competition, the Mamba suit is extremely lightweight, but not because it's made without tactical bells and whistles.

Multicam Mamba sniper ghilliesuit for military and law enforcement. If you want the BEST ghilliesuit base available the choice is clear. GhillieSkins Mamba. The Mamba offers mamba operator full body concealment. The Mamba is combat proven and the "King of Choice". Tactical Concealment Mamba Trousers Coyote. Mamba Trouser. Tactical Concealment Mamba Trousers Coyote.

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